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Did you know that a career in Java could lead to more than code? It could lead you beyond the confines of software development. Today, individuals who select Java programming as a career choice are practically ensured long-term job security due to the heavy demand of Java professionals in the market.

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  • The student must have completed the beginner's certificate in Java
  • Basic knowledge of Java programming language
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The LSET advanced Java course will provide lessons about advanced Java and the latest framework used in the industry. This will be done through an interactive learning environment and by exploring real-world Java applications. It will help you understand the competition and develop the most demanding skillset.

Why Should You Join LSET Java Advanced Course?
Today, the competition is very hard in the Java job market. Having basic Java programming skills is enough to beat the competition and expect the best growth opportunities. This course will provide you with the advanced Java training required to step ahead of the competition and grow faster.

  • This java advanced certificate course is designed for intermediate learners to give them a deep insight into Object-oriented programming.
  • The Java training and certification course will be exploring Java EE and other advanced concepts of the language.
  • The experienced professional instructors at LSET will be providing individual attention to the students, making the learning process more personalized and interactive.
  • Students will be able to learn algorithms used in Java to develop programs with loops and conditionals and much more practical applications.
  • After this course, the future developers will know how to develop complex applications in Java Bootcamp that can run on any operating system.

Why Learn Java?

Java is a programming skill that is well compensated in the job market today. This technology goes through a number of changes, which creates scope for innovation, and for the working Java professionals, this provides the scope of engagement and growth.

  • Java for developers is one of the longest-running languages in the world of web development, and its demand is probably not going to fade away anytime soon.
  • It is a high-level object-oriented class-based programming language that is used for web development.
  • It is a general-purpose language that was basically designed for flexibility and for developers to write code that would run on any machine or platform.
  • It is a rich set of APIs that simplifies the development of real-time software.
  • The Java for developers Runtime provides reflection and code modification and runs a virtual machine or environment that converts a code into an application.

Benefits of this Java Advanced Course

The LSET's Java advanced course will acquaint you with the latest requirements in the Java industry and gain an effective skillset that opens opportunities for top jobs. You will be able to beat the competition by learning in a very practical and job-oriented learning environment.

  • We have taken the help of Java industry experts and professionals to make the learning experience project-based and relevant to the latest trends.
  • You will be given guidance about the advanced Java topics and libraries
  • This advanced course is ideal for students and professionals who have acquired some prior experience with the language.
  • Our highly qualified and experienced industry experts will be there to provide you with hands-on exercises with real-world Java applications.
  • You will learn the proper implementation of typecasting, localization, thread synchronization, and concurrency.
  • The LSET career counselling department will guide you to start applying for your desired Java jobs.
  • Our career coach will provide you with mentorship and career coaching to help you find the right career path for the best growth.
  • You will learn how to resolve critical challenges faced by a Java professional.
  • You will be able to develop a thorough understanding of Java Syntax and its libraries.
  • The learning environment will also help you improve your soft skills, so you never lag behind your competition.

Expected Salary Package

Despite being an old language now, there's still a huge demand for Java professionals in the job market. The language is continuously evolving, so there are always new opportunities and better perks. There are diverse job opportunities with Java in the UK.

Java Developer: £41,917- £75,000

Java Junior Developer: £25,000- £45,000

Java Software Engineer: £45,000- £75,000

Java Android Developer: £35,000- £75,000

Java Enterprise Developer: £45,000 - £80,000

Java Architect: £60,000- £89,379

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